Dr. Larry Spencer, DVM

Dr. Spencer is originally from the state of Michigan, and received his veterinary degree from Michigan State University in 1974. Dr. Spencer's first employment as a large animal veterinarian took him to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Quakerstown in Bucks County for 4 years. He enjoyed the practice he was in and fell in love with Pennsylvania. He had a desire to own his own practice so he moved to Cochranton in 1978 and opened this hospital, even though it was far from his Michigan home and his children's grandparents.

Dr. Spencer began Cochranton Veterinary Hospital initially as a large animal practice, but the local community desired a small animal practice. In 1981 a building was erected for that purpose in Cochranton Veterinary Hospital's present location. With the help and support of the community, the practice was able to thrive and in 1989 the building was enlarged in response to its growth.

Dr. Spencer has always endeavored to provide the best care with the best personnel and equipment for the Cochranton community. He continues this philosophy today by maintaining Cochranton Veterinary Hospital's membership in the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Dr. Spencer thanks the community for supporting the Cochranton Veterinary Hospital, and for welcoming him as a stranger with no history or roots in this area into their lives.

"There may not be the high population of people in this area, but there are a lot of well-loved animals!" - Dr. Spencer

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