Controlling Fleas


Successful Flea Control starts with:

  1. Eliminating fleas from all pets inside and outside. We DO NOT recommended using flea shampoos as a preventative not only are they harsh on your pet’s skin, but they only kill the fleas on your pet at that moment. This method will not keep fleas from reinfesting your pet. Flea Shampoos also strip topicals off of your pets’ skin, therefore making the medication ineffective. Over the Counter flea topicals and sprays from Walmart and other convenience stores are not very effective and can actually be toxic to pets especially cats. The amount of money you will be wasting buying these products could be used to get one good product that will actually work for your pet. We do highly recommend topical flea medication. We carry Vectra 3D and Frontline Plus in our office, which we recommended using these products monthly to be most effective for your pet. Our office also carries the Seresto Collars which last for 8 months for both cat and dog (no prescription required). If topicals and collars do not appeal to your needs, we aIso are now carrying oral flea and tick meds for dogs called Bravecto and Nexgard (prescription is required for the oral medications). If your pet is highly infested with fleas, we recommend using a pill called Capstar before applying a topical medication. Capstar is a tablet that is given by mouth and kills all adult fleas off your pet within 30 minutes. Killing all the adult fleas off your pet before putting the medication on will allow the medication to work to its full potential. (Capstar, Vectra 3D, Seresto, Revolution for Cats, and Frontline are available in our office without a prescription). WHEN APPLYING A FLEA TOPICAL DO NOT BATHE YOUR PET AT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE OR 2 DAYS AFTER. Flea medications adhere and spread by your pets’ skin oils. Therefore, when you bathe your pet it depletes skin oils and the medication will not adhere to your pets skin and will be ineffective. If you are bathing your pet with a shampoo, do not use regular pet shampoo or flea shampoo. These will strip your product off of your pet. The products are waterproof, but are not soap-proof. We do carry soap free shampoos and conditioners in our office that are safe for use with flea and tick medications. These soap free products are also better for your pets skin as they are not as harsh on your pets skin. Stop in anytime to pick a bottle up!
  2. Controlling Fleas in the Environment
    1. YOUR HOME: The adult fleas you are seeing on your pet are only 5% of the flea lifecycle. The other 95% are the eggs, larvae, and pupae that are living in your carpet, couches, beds, hardwood floors, and other dark areas of your home. Without treating your home for fleas, it is highly unlikely your flea preventative will be able to ward off all the fleas that he/she are encountering. We DO NOT recommend using flea bombs as home treatments. The reason behind this is that flea bombs create a fog that just takes care of surface areas and does not get into those dark hidden places where the young flea populations like to be. We do recommended using a spray called Knockout that you manually spray in your home. This product kills active fleas and ticks and prevents infestations from developing for up to 7 months (while using preventive on your pet). The process is:
      1. Remove all rugs, bedding (including pet bedding), and any other fabricated items that can replaced with new clean ones after treatment.
      2. Vacuum all areas before treating with knockout, this will stimulate the pre-adult fleas (pupae) from their protective cocoons. Be sure to discard the vacuum cleaner bag after its use. If using a bag less vacuum, you must discard contents and wash container thoroughly after use.
      3. Spray knockout in all areas seen and unseen. We recommend treating all areas, if pets are in the home try doing one room at a time. Spray the room and all its contents, close it off and let the product dry. Repeat in all areas of the house.
      4. Once dry, vacuum areas once more and discard the vacuum bag. Again if using a bag less vacuum discard/wash out contents of container after use.
      5. Repeat whole procedure in 2 weeks, the pupae stage of the flea is very hard to kill due to its protective cocoon. Repeating in 2 weeks should get any adult fleas that emerge from these cocoons.
    2. YOUR YARD:
      1. Fleas are also prone to infesting your yard. It is highly recommended when treating your home, that you should be treating your yard as well. There are many different yard treatments out there that you can use. One ingredient you want to look for in a yard treatment is IGR (insect growth regulator). Not only will this product kill the adult fleas, it will also help destroy the flea eggs and larvae. Treatment of your yard should also be repeated in 2 weeks.


  1. Flea Products such as Frontline that are sold at Walmart, Tractor Supply, Agway, Online, etc. are the same products sold in your veterinarian office.---- This is a false statement the maker of Frontline and other veterinary flea medications only sell to veterinarians. This means the product you are receiving is from an unknown origin and it is a high possibility to be fake and/or be toxic to your pet. We are not telling you this to make money, we are telling you this for the safety and wellbeing of your pet.
  2. My cat/dog are indoors only, therefore there is NO WAY they can get fleas. FALSE! Fleas are small insects, they can be tracked in on your shoes/pant legs or another pet. They also are able to slip through screens, windows, and vents. Therefore, even indoor pets should be treated to prevent fleas.

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